Jasleen Kaur Gumber Quotes

Jasleen Kaur Gumber Quotes

I will be me,
when world aberrantly
will feel, my gravity!
I will turn into my,
when their shrill cry
will stop asking why!
(Poem:Because you so wanna meet me, Book: Ginger and Honey)

Embrace your imperfections.
Fancy your flaws.
Flaunt your blemishes.
Adore your birthmarks.
Laugh off glitches.
Discuss your setbacks.

Don’t call your mistakes ‘Regrets’
Call them ‘Lessons

...I day dream.
I am the queen,
of my thoughts.
Though thirteen,
I drift,
one conception,
to another.
I create opinions,
liberate dilemmas,
assert convictions,
deal paroxysm,
create perfections.”

I am neither,
a thinker,
nor a,
I am a Day Dreamer...

Be an artist, in whatever little faculty possible.
For the Earth, without ‘Art’ is just ‘Eh

When I said yes,
it implies till death,
and forever thence.

When I said love,
it connotes trust,
allied in situations tough.

And today,
when I hold your hand,
I am prepared to stand,
any trouble,
any avalanche.

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