Jeff Lindsay Quotes

Jeff Lindsay Quotes

But as I have noticed on more than one occaision, life itself is unfair, and there is no complaint department, so we might as well accept things the way they happen, clean up the mess, and move on.

They like to tell us that it is important to speak the truth, but it has been my experience that real happiness lies in having people tell you what you want to believe, usually not the same thing at all, and if you have to stub your toe on the truth later, so be it.

I am unlovable...I have tried to involve myself in other people, in relationships, and even - in my sillier moments - in love. But it doesn't work. Something in me is broken or missing and sooner or later the other person catches me Acting or one of Those Nights comes along.

There are still very few laws against thinking, although I am sure they're working hard on that in Washington.

You're driving me NORMAL!

He had an AM radio playing a conservative talk show. The host was making some very interesting statements about the president. I don't usually pay much attention to politics, but from what the man said, I had to believe that sometime in the recent past the laws regarding sedition must have changed.

I had killed our careful relationship by driving my tongue through its heart and pushing it off a cliff.

Why bother inflicting enormous pain on yourself when sooner or later Life would certainly get around to doing it for you?

I know family comes first, but shouldn't that mean after breakfast?

In that tremendous flash of freedom, on my way to do The Thing for the first time, sanctioned by Almighty Harry, I receded, faded back into the scenery of my own dark self, whole the other me crouched and growled. I would do It at last, do what I had been created to do. And I did.

It was such an unexpected and genuine smile that if I only had a soul I'm sure I would have felt quite guilty.

Money to me had always been merely something the sheep used to show each other how wonderful they were.

The mind picks some very bad times to take a walk doesn't it?

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