Jennifer Sodini Quotes

Jennifer Sodini Quotes

No matter how different one looks or may seem, all are just shades in the colorful rainbow of life that loves everyone, no matter if they are short, purple, or green.

To be who you are, let go of what you were.

I am exactly who I am choosing to be. Should I change my choice, the universe will always be there to assist me.

Language is the alchemy of transforming a thought into a word, and the word into a new reality.

Expose your negatives to light, and just like a photo - the picture of your life will develop into something beautiful.

We grow up to believe that we are supposed to somehow "become" who we are meant to be through the trial-by-fire that is life here on planet Earth.

Reality is...there's no "becoming".

It's actually all an "un-becoming", only to reunite with who you were born to be in the first place before society told you otherwise.

Your frequency is what you frequently see. Pay attention to synchronicity as there are valuable lessons to be learned in the repetition of your reality.

The glass is neither half empty, nor half full. The glass is just a glass and it's content can perpetually change with your perception.

Always let your heart shine bright, because this inner light will guide you home, even in the darkest night.

There is no "I", there's only "we". Meaning all you can touch, and all that you see is a part of you, and a part of me.

Though life may not always go the way you please, remember to always see the forest through the trees.

What seeks you when you are not seeking, is the universe's way of speaking to you without speaking.

Glow with the flow.

To ascend you must rise above, and I believe in the idea of keeping your “feet in the clouds and your head in the stars”.

God is a sound frequency, and we can all tune in if we just listen. Some find The Rhythm through different melodies, but it's all music.

For it is through the darkness of the evening that we are able to see the stars. Without this darkness, we would never get to experience the beauty of the cosmos, or understand the little bits of light in life that shine through the void.

Our universe was created to perpetuate creation, it was not created to perpetuate consumption.

Inspiration is the seed of imagination, where great ideas bloom

We can imagine how to create and be creative on a beach in a cosmic sky. No grain of sand is merely just sandy; with imagination at hand the sand can become whatever you fancy.

The alchemy of life is to turn coins into cents, by making sense of change.

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