Jessica Kristie Quotes

Jessica Kristie Quotes

Through windows,
in wishing wells,
whispering in the wind...
that's where I find you.

I was just an option.
Blown easily to pieces
and offered to the sky
by the sweet laced pain
upon your lips.

I balance you
on the end of my pen.
Teetering between love
and letting go.

I can't love anymore.
Except for you...
I love you so much it hurts to breathe.

In that wounded place,
buried between
my ribs and letting go,
I miss you.

I bleed to un-break you,
un-mending me.
I fall to save you...
now who will save me.

Bridge burned from end to end,
and I don't miss you anymore.
You delivered silence
I've birthed freedom.

I need to work on me.
The me
without you.

You are the poem
that sticks in my throat
teaching me to whisper
with the voice of my heart.

The fall is quick,
and permanent.

Birthing hope from the madness
that perches on the fence
of our once perfect

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