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Type: Former warrant officer, veteran

Born: 0


In his book "Highway to Hell" Geddes gives an unsparing account of his harrowing, often bloody, and occasionally absurd adventures in the wild west of Iraq. After a chaotic chase on the Ramadi Ring Road, he takes out insurgents with a sniper rifle (while nursing the mother of all hangovers). He provides security to a cameraman during to a shootout on the rooftop of a Baghdad hotel alongside Kalashnikov-wielding Iraqi waiters (and accepts a marriage proposal that is almost drowned out by RPG fire). He witnesses American contractors shooting and pushing other vehicles off the road first and asking questions later (or, rather, not at all). From rushing a TV crew into the mayhem of a suicide bombing’s aftermath to accompanying an oil executive to a meeting in the heart of darkness of Sadr City, Geddes presents a stunning, chilling inside look at the face of contemporary warfare.

John Geddes Quotes good writing flows from a polluted well - you can write about monsters, but you can't be one... many writers still dare compare a woman to Nature, like Campion? - there is a garden in her face - how lovely... can use words if you wish, but I'm warning you - I've learned how to read your heart ...

...I retreat into my fictional world where everything makes sense - but even there I can't even control what people do...

You can be taught to write – you can’t be taught to be an artist

after life has broken you open, perhaps you may create art

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