John Williams Quotes

John Williams Quotes

A war doesn’t merely kill off a few thousand or a few hundred thousand young men. It kills off something in a people that can never be brought back. And if a people goes through enough wars, pretty soon all that’s left is the brute, the creature that we - you and I and others like us - have brought up from the slime.

Within a month he knew that his marriage was a failure; within a year he stopped hoping that it would improve.

But William Stoner knew of the world in a way that few of his younger colleagues could understand. Deep in him, beneath his memory, was the knowledge of hardship and hunger and endurance and pain.

You must remember what you are and what you have chosen to become, and the significance of what you are doing. There are wars and defeats and victories of human race that are not military and that are not recorded in the annals of history. Remember that while you're trying to decide what do.
- Archer Sloane from the book Stoner.

But the required survey of English literature troubled and disquieted him in a way nothing had ever done before.

A pessoa que amamos no início não é a mesma que amamos no fim, e que o amor não é uma meta e sim um processo através do qual uma pessoa tenta conhecer outra.

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