Johnnie Dent Jr. Quotes

Johnnie Dent Jr. Quotes

Work your craft; until it becomes an art from.

You are too important to the bigger picture to just fall off the canvas.

Be as advertised.

Live through it or grow from it.

The nails did not kill Him... It was the needs that did.

A dreamer must be discovered working or working on it or it is reduced to a wish.

Do not just believe in God and neglect the fact that He has an unprecedented belief in you.

Never mistake movement for action... a rocking horse moves; a race horse charges towards a goal.

Whoever is present in your spring would more than likely have respected your winter.

When you cannot find a pill for it, try taking a full dosage of responsibility

Forgive your past because it the vehicle through your process and from this point forward your life is made of 100% future; Caterpillars always look up despite having no wings... and butterflies don't waste time crying over the legs they lost or dwelling on on the ground.

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