Julian Pencilliah Quotes

Julian Pencilliah Quotes

It’s only when we are able to exceed our rigid interpretations, and we start defining love in it’s totality, that we realize that love is everywhere

If you're always following the crowd, you will never truly know who you are. Walk your own path.

The simple law of the universe is that you create your own reality

It’s been said that legends are those who shape change into greatness; shaping change is one of the hallmarks of genius.

I live by three simple words: compassion, love and gratitude. We need to act on these three words daily. Doing so will irrevocably change your world.

Legends shape change into greatness

The magic of you is in your capacity to shape change.

We need to see our collective mind as the vehicle that will take us to the destiny of our dreams

Don’t be over confident, and don’t be weak, your progress lies in the balance.

Engineer possibility into greatness

Life requires more than a whisper of wisdom

You will need to know when to be assertive and wise enough to know when to exercise patience

Success requires, a human touch, intuitive powers and provocative thinking processes

Intelligence is knowing what’s required of you

Immense self-made wealth is the evidence of a grandly rich mind

Intellectual talent will give us the upper-hand in the game of life. Fortunately, we all can develop it

Do your beliefs create your goals or are your beliefs a result of achieving your goals?

We mine our greatest value through the process of proactive thinking

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