Justin Steckbauer Quotes

Justin Steckbauer Quotes

Who talks about values, morals, and truth in all this? Nobody! There are just no outlets that can speak through all the noise! Between television, the internet, college campus, bars, parties, and work hours, there is no time left. There is so much to do there is nothing of value done!

The journey is a gift. The ministry is a gift. And even more so, the conflicts, depression, sadness, anger, and failures are all gifts from God. He uses these things to shape and mold me into a holy disciple. I know for certain that the struggles I go through now are nothing compared to the glory that will be revealed.

Our power as Christians is the power of the truth in a world full of lies.

Our faith gathers and slings together all the best and most altruistic principles into one set, utterly perfect in measure, and utterly potent in it's defiance to the wickedness of this world.

People bounce from voting Democrat to voting Republican, as both parties serve the interests of big business and big banking.

The culmination of current philosophies & worldviews is the ultimate narcissistic arbitration of shame. In the end they fail, being revealed as petty, childish, dead ideologies, entirely unlivable. In stark contrast stands the Christian worldview, substantive, liveable, humble, sublime.

Poverty doesn't say so much about God as it says about us.

In a world where everyone wants to claim permanent victimhood to a plethora of disorders and maladies, Jesus Christ and the scriptures stand out in stark contrast, in a firm duet of perfect justice and perfect mercy. And so we live in grace given by our wonderful Lord.

Repentance is a journey, and no one ever completes it and no one ever does it perfectly. The same must be true for knowing God.

A single prayer of yours, a few words whispered on your knees, in humble submission to the God of our fathers, and a firm belief that what you ask will in fact be done... and the entire world changes.

There are always more questions... But I know one thing that is true: I have been saved by Jesus Christ, and I'm eternally grateful for that.

Again and again our Lord allows the world to crumble to the breaking point, so that people may feel the pain and learn to understand their place in the universe under a sovereign and loving Creator.

Be a light wherever you stand and whenever you stand. Whether in mental hospital or chat room, school or steak house. Be an example of truth, kindness, and justice. Be a reflection of the Savior.

Of myself, I am nothing. In searching for myself, I lost myself. In receiving Christ, I found myself. By giving of myself to others, I find all joy.

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