Kandi Steiner Quotes

Kandi Steiner Quotes

Maybe the key to finding the perfect song is simply rewriting the lyrics.

It’s hard to find words to explain why you love someone, they don’t make words with that much passion. And even if they did, there isn’t a perfect combination of syllables and sounds to create a word strong enough to explain love. Love is just a filler word, a useless word that tries to do a job that no word can.

Two birds locked inside a cage, we aren’t supposed to last,

And I guess we both could blame it on our past.

But I’m out of excuses if you’re done with pretending,

I’m ready to start the story that doesn’t have an ending.

Yeah, we’re not perfect, neither of us, but I can’t deny the electricity between us. There’s something there that we aren’t meant to understand.

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