Karan Godara Quotes

Karan Godara Quotes

Be it Schumacher or a Shoe-maker,we are all racing toward the same finishline. Realizing the fragility of life can race you to greatness

Contrary to popular belief, there are peaks higher than Mount Everest. These are the hurdles that lie within each of us. Thank you Stephen Hawking for showing us that they are not insurmountable

Man is a harbinger to his own doom. The moment you begin to pay heed to trifling issues, you dwarf your very existence of being human

Together we can inspire and transform. Together we can believe and transcend

Lets’ inspire people. Not by intellectualizing but by internalizing, not with words but with deeds

Give it a shot and you may miss the bull's eye, but if you fail, even to take a shot,then there really never was a bull for you in the first place

It is in moments of Adversity that you will find something from within that will give you the ability to keep moving ahead, this inner strength feeds on your failures. In fact, garner this heap of failures as a fuel, and just when you feel you've had enough, launch yourself on the platform of greatness

Never see adversity as a disability,rather see it as a specia-ability. As an opportunity to believe, an opportunity to accomplish

Life is akin to climbing a ladder. If your focus is on reaching the top of the ladder while moving up the ladder, you are bound to fall. But instead if you focus on the next step, the top is not too far

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