Karen Kingsbury Quotes

Karen Kingsbury Quotes

Three years? That's a thousand tomorrows, ma'am.

Maybe I'll open a bookstore," he smiled. "New and used books- so everyone has a chance to see the world through the pages of a story.

The next time that boy pursues you, he better do it like a dying man looking for water in a desert. When it's the right guy, you'll know, because he'll cherish you.

People were never meant to be idols. We aren't supposed to be worshipped. Only God deserves that kind of praise.

Love well, laugh often and live well for Christ.

Lasting peace is only found through a lifesaving relationship wit Jesus Christ... knowing Christ means that all the world might be falling apart just outside your front door, maybe just inside it - yet that inner peace, that inner knowing, remains unshaken.

This last year... I learned something about family. Like it's not about blood alone. It's being connected... it's growing up together and loving each other. It's believing in the same God and knowing you'd do anything for the person across from you at dinner.

But the Beast was a good person...the Prince looked on the outside the way the Beast was on the inside. Sometimes people couldn't see the inside of the person unless they like the outside of a person. Because they hadn't learned to hear the music yet.

Goodbyes are on of the hardest things about life. One way or another people were always leaving... Always moving on.

Life changes, people come and go and seasons never last.
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The minute their eyes met he felt it, the connection. How had he thought for a minute tat what they shared might've changed over the years? He had always known nothing could change it, and he was right.

It would almost be easier to never see her again tan to look into her eyes and know she'd left her love for him somewhere in the past.

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