Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos Quotes

Kasi Kaye Iliopoulos Quotes

Learning means bringing forth the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual knowledge, skills and values, that are already within us.

Our learning starts as soon as we are born.

Don’t be so focused on the past or future situations that you overlook the beauty of the present moment that is NOW.

Excerpt from "Living in Light, Love & Truth". (Page 29).

My will is free and connected to my Spirit. When I exercise my free will, I am calm, at peace and serene.

Send silent blessings to those that oppose you, so they may also find peace within themselves - and the strength and perseverance to embark on their life path.

See beyond the vision of your eyes, to believe and trust that there is something more to life - something bigger and greater than where we stand and what we know with our minds.

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