Kate Elliott Quotes

Kate Elliott Quotes

The history of the world begins with a seed. The seed is the kernel of what you are, but it is also the promise of what you can become.

Are these soldiers really our enemy, or only the worst reflection of our own selves?... We made them. We have to unmake them, not just defeat or kill them.

War was so simple, wasn't it? Much simpler than justice.

Listen, my father had written. Listen to hear if they are telling the truth or only part of the truth, for that is the lesson of history: that the victors tell the tale of their triumph in a manner to grant accolades to themselves and heap blame upon their rivals. Ask yourself if part of the story is being withheld by design or ignorance.

...anyone can make a desert and call it peace...

We don't have to accept the things we might change.

The skin of frozen snow crunched satisfyingly beneath my boots as I smashed each step into the ground just as I planned to smash my foes.

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