Katherine McIntyre Quotes

Katherine McIntyre Quotes

Like a rollercoaster, my mind had climbed its way to the top - only to witness how far there was to fall. And like a coaster, the second the fear hit, my stomach plummeted with the drop.

Beauty was a weapon as well, one Viola enjoyed wielding.

When honor and glory get your squad killed and your brothers-in-arms shoved under the rug, you stop believing in the terms.

We’d never talked about his parents, like he was some underwater Peter Pan.

I sent a silent prayer up to the Phoenix to keep her safe a little longer, because I would tear the shifters limb for limb until I got my baby sister back.

As she’d walked along this street, a million stars stretched across an indigo canvas, holding all the freedom she’d yearned for every night.

Better to leave with good memories than have the last ones be the embarrassing, smoking ruin of what once had been a fantastic friendship.

Fine, fine, I’ll indulge in this ‘socializing’ thing you always rave about.

If you’re supposed to work with someone, I’d recommend not getting all hot and bothered with them the night before. The word of the day was “tense.

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