Kevin Keenoo Quotes

Kevin Keenoo Quotes

Failure is an essential ingredient for success. Accept it and move on.

This moment is yours. The pain flowing into your life is an outcome of the choices you made. Don’t avoid the pain. Accept it. Avoidance will increase the depth of your pain while acceptance will free you from worries, uncertainty and fear, and ultimately you’ll grow out of it as a stronger human being.

Don't speak against others; losers do it.
Speak for others; winners do it.

You don't succeed when you spend half of your time in trying to stop others from succeeding.

Don’t confuse victory with success. Victory is the subject of a school called success, failure is another.

Whether you succeed or not, people will talk about you. Forget about what they say and listen to what your heart believes in.

Fear is taught to you, not love for love is who you are.

Pain is a short-lived reign. The lesson learned from it is permanent.

Most of us only dream, some of us go and get their dreams. Dreamers know failure; dreamers in action know victory.

Let truth be the most important chapter of the book entitled “Life”.

To love is to conquer, not the body but the soul.

Distance can separate you and me, but can never separate you from me.

Judge me not by my few mistakes; appreciate rather my honesty to learn from them, my strength to rise again and my utter will to inspire your life, with my lessons learned.

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