Kiera Woodhull Quotes

Kiera Woodhull Quotes

I fix the cramped, lined pages
with my curious stare. How do you
come to exist?

Hold your venom
Do you recognise the instinct
in me, fellow scorpion?

We wrote our names in the sand
You crossed mine out: I can't get
back to the way I was.

If only
you could have witnessed how
much I have changed: sit alone
in a disused theatre and feel what
I have felt, see how the world has
transformed me, like the metamorphosis
of a caterpillar.

Where is my oasis? Too far from
here for me to crawl with these
dead legs, refusing to co-operate
Hands and fingers clawing uselessly
through the grains of sand...

It is just my imagination that flies,
While she is wrapped up in her bedsheets
like a nest.

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