Kimberly Giles Quotes

Kimberly Giles Quotes

Most bad behavior is about that person’s core fears about themselves; it is rarely about you.

Fear causes problems in your life because it fogs the lens through which you see yourself and your world.

The universe will never force a mindset on you. You have complete free agency to choose fear and suffer unnecessarily if you want to.

There are two forces in the universe: fear and love. Trust is part of love because it makes you feel safe, and it is only in this state that you are capable of love.

If you do good things only because you fear punishment or rejection if you don’t, does it really count? Think about it. Are they real choices or are you being held hostage?

Your number one task here is forgiving yourself and the people who mistreat you. You must learn to do this if you want to experience real happiness and peace in this life. You must do this if you want to feel accepted, valued and safe. The only way to feel innocent and worthy – is to give it to other people. That is just how it works.

The universe uses every experience you have to help you grow and learn. No experience is wasted. Every choice you make and everything that happens to you because of other people’s choices become your perfect lessons. As you learn to trust this truth, you will experience less fear and more peace.

Encouragement is the most effective way to change someone’s behavior. When you see the best in them you encourage them to become that and they will want to live up to your high opinion of them.

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