Leigh Hershkovich Quotes

Leigh Hershkovich Quotes

Every person in the world has to figure out what the right place for them is. It’s okay to be afraid, as long as you don’t allow the fear to take over your life.

Make your passion your life. Just don’t make it about you.

He focused on the world before him; the illusions and the mysteries of the future haunted his eyes.

The limbo of life is like a song, a melody that comes around occasionally but that sticks in your head and never goes away.

There was not an inch of solid ground anywhere in the world for me to call my own. I didn't belong anywhere. Had I disappeared, no one would have noticed.

We sit together in the waiting room of one existence, waiting to be shuffled into the waiting room of the next. Not the existence of another lifetime, simply a different mindset, a different age, purpose, exile and a separate redemption. A separate world in which to wait.

Everything can change, fluctuate, go into reverse. They strike without much warning, it any at all. It is the curse of the human mind, convincing us that we live in a bubble safe from change.

Timing is always off. Someone is always late, always lost, always looking back to the start of a reality that they didn't want to begin with.

Answer me this: Is love rational? Is it sane? Can it be tamed and sculpted, like a piece of clay? Of course it can't.

Refusing to believe that change can occur at any moment is one of the worst of human failings.

I want to release my soul from its prison cell, to silence the guards who tell me that I am not capable of living. Every voice that ever told me that I cannot achieve has, at this moment, become silenced. This cell is no longer my home.

A machine! I have become a machine! It has taken over my life. How ironic! In a world of freedom and independence, my entire life now depends on a machine!

I refuse to stay a prisoner to my body. I am going to free myself.

Instead of channeling passion through my fingertips, I summoned the courage to channel it through my eyes.

I am only doing this because I was asked. They tell me that, sometime in the future, I will thank them for pushing me this way. They say that one day, when all this is over, I will come to terms with who I am and where I came from. Not gonna happen.

If I close my eyes, plug my ears, and hold my tongue, all of this will cease to exist. I can pretend it never happened. No one will blame me if I choose to shove these memories into the back of my mind.

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