Litymunshi Quotes

Litymunshi Quotes

one work complete at the moment we see nothing to add more,it can not be end of it another process comes on the way.and it goes on.there is no full stop in a living life.

once you meet your own self-effortlessly you can expand your best qualities to the outer world.

we can't even control a blind man's desire to see the world by his own eye,philosophy is to see outside by inside.

struggle gives the way to look after the reality

deep in love-forgiveness start it's process automatically to heal any kind of pain

high in morality,high in honesty a person or a group is most lonely on this planet .

soul gives each one of us to experience the higher change

if you refuse to change your present for better-, future will take part and forced you to make change slowly,steady.

invisible power of being is consciousness

inside the soul everyone possesses the same urge for complete silence of joy

at most silent inner condition one can talk to his soul.

keeping a balance with soul - is a romance with self

the light of soul is the center of life

without any logic an emotional bond within light of soul is already united by universal law

if you are getting progress and joy from your desire-Universe will support you .

once all your questions or thoughts goes out of your mind ,and mind is complete empty,that's the moment you will feel the miracles .

thought needs a platform.mind is it's platform.its food is good thought,

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