Liz Hester Quotes

Liz Hester Quotes

I can do what I dream of doing, one breath and one step at a time.

Sometimes all it takes is one Deep Breath and everything falls into place.

This IS exactly how things look just before your dreams ignite!

When your heart feels strangely warm, you’ve found your love

Asking the right question makes all the difference to your outcome.

The smile of a stranger can lead you into your joy

The world is your what you see and you love YOU!

Go within and release yesterday’s sorrow so you may embrace today’s joy.

There are no lack of ideas in the Universe… and there is such joy entering into that abundant stream with other connected souls.

Sometimes we look around and realize we need new friends. That’s the sign that they are just around the bend :)

In every end is the seed of a new beginning...water it well

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