Mahmoud Darwish Quotes

Mahmoud Darwish Quotes

I have learned and dismantled all the words in order to draw from them a
single word: Home.

و بى أملٌ
يأتى ويذهب ، لكن لن أُوَدعه

خضراء أكتبها على نثر السنابل في كتاب الحقل ، قوّسها امتلاءٌ شاحبٌ فيها وفي. وكلما صادقت أ%

Far away, our dreams have nothing to do with what we do. The wind carries the night, and passes on, aimless.

Don’t say that poetry, my friend, is beautiful

or powerful

for there is no powerful or beautiful poetry

There is poetry that strikes you, secretly

with the diseases of writing and schizophrenia, and you rave

and your self leaves you for another

وأين أنا؟
فلا عدم هنا في اللاهنا...
في اللازمان،
ولا وجود

They want time to move fast so they can paint their nails a provocative red and wear high heels that crack walnuts and make people jump. He wants time to slow down so he can prolong the enjoyment of walking among them, of being next to this self-contained beauty.

عميقا عميقا
يواصل فعل المضارع
أشعاله اليدوية

ألا تعلمين بأنى أسير اثنيين؟جناحاى:أنتِ و حريتى,أحبكما هكذا توأمين

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