Mandi Lynn Quotes

Mandi Lynn Quotes

Never assume you are alone, because you never truly are. Only when your life has surely ended and your loved ones have forgotten you is when you are gone. Gone from this world and the next.
Sleep is when you are most vulnerable. It’s a sanctuary and a curse; how you perceive it is up to you.

Has there ever been a night where you didn’t feel safe? Maybe you felt you were being watched? Or you couldn’t close your eyes for fear of the unknown? If, for only a moment, you let your guard down and hear a sound - unidentified and quiet - maybe it was all in your head.
Never let your guard down.

Do you feel it? The sense of being watched? I do.

Then, when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I see it. And I knew, only then, that I’m truly in Heaven.

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