Martin R. Lemieux Quotes

Martin R. Lemieux Quotes

All in the eye of the beholder - Some of the most destructive forces in the world (Fire & Water), can also have the power of beauty.

Your path might be a lonely one... but, you are NOT alone!

There are many things in life that can help you to cope with emotions that have a habit of bringing you down. Just always remember; help comes in all forms, and not necessarily only from people.

Interesting people aren't interesting because of what they always say; the most interesting people are the ones that always listen!

So many parents think they always need to teach their children about life, when in fact, if they listened once in a while, they would learn from their kids what life is truly about.

Accept your dark side, understanding it will help you to move with the light. Knowing both sides of our souls, helps us all to move forward in life and to understand that, perfection doesn't exist.

Your spiritual path isn't always just something you find, you started it the moment you took your first breath, and ever since you're been getting closer and closer to remembering who you truly are!

Self awareness is only powerful when knowledge is understood and applied, only then can it manifest into true wisdom!

For those living in a dark cave... sometimes all it takes is for someone to throw us a lifeline.

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