Maverick Hill Quotes

Maverick Hill Quotes

My life, will be a beautiful adventure, with or without you in it.

Finding answers means you have to ask the right questions, and not being afraid, of where the truth takes you.

I always listen to what people don't say, it's a lot more interesting than the bullshit they want you to believe.

Embrace your life and live your truth.

Still haunted by the love, light and darkness we shared. encumbered to smile and breathing becomes an art; when you don’t fucking feel anything.

Life is different when you are Single.

Is there a silent song in your heart, that is screaming to be heard?

You can lie but you can't re-write history. Even if you could, what would you say to those who lived it and helped you thru, some of the darkest periods of your life?

I don't see problems; I only see solutions.

It's not about saying your sorry, or expecting me to forgive you. It's about showing love and respect to the people in your life each day you get to breathe. It's about taking responsibility for your decisions, honoring your commitments, and not fucking up in the first place.

Music is my Salvation. The Dance Floor is my Sanctuary. The Ocean is my Therapist & L.A. is my Personal Playground.

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