Megan Duke Quotes

Megan Duke Quotes

We both knew the place we were at and what that meant. We both felt the regret and the loss. We both knew that without me, none of it would have been possible. Without me, everything would be different. Without me, we wouldn't have been there... lying in that bed in the first place.

I wanted moments like this to last forever. If it couldn't, I wanted to play it on repeat so I wouldn't forget the details of every second.

Happiness comes in many forms. Whether through a passion for something or someone, it makes no difference. The results are the same: you live.

We're just lines and angles.

If there were two things Silas McFuller knew about the world, it was that life is not always fair, but everything happens for a reason.

We as humans are the patterns of life. We are the roads we travel. Our lives make up the insignificance of a moment of the importance of a second. The choices we make are everything. I realize that, now that everything has changed and I'm a different person.

Everything I ever lost, I gained back with you.

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