Michael Flynn Quotes

Michael Flynn Quotes

The body's ills are the least of ills, for they end only in death, which is but a little thing. But if the spirit dies, then all is lost.

Hans clacked his side-lips. "Do you have the sentence in your head that tomorrow's procession will halt this pest of yours, that it will bar the small-lives from the High Woods?"
"If it is as you say, no. No more than prayer can stay a charging horse. But that is not why we pray. God is no cheap juggler as to play for a pfennig.

Any fool can hope when success lies plainly in view. It wants genuine strength to hope when matters are hopeless.

Dirac found that the ratio of the electric force to the gravitational force of an electron-proton pair is roughly equal to the ratio of the age of the universe to the time it takes light to traverse an atom.

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