Nafisa Haji Quotes

Nafisa Haji Quotes

He knows what lies before them, and what is after them, and they comprehend not anything of His knowledge save such as He wills.' i traced the words with my finger, over and over again, and realize what i did not before. that not all questions can be answered. that some truths are beyond the capacity of our minds to understand.

that there are many things that we cant understand. the past. the bad things that happened... and we become afraid. of what might happen in the future. its okay to be afraid. but we have to keep hoping and believeing... to keep hoping and trying our best to be good and do good. even when we're afraid

The only way to rise above is to rise above. The only way to respond to wrong is with right. The only way to deal with injustice is to be just.

The only law that means anything - that can have anything to do with God - is one that is alive and that strives for justice given the circumstances of the present. Otherwise, the law is merely something dead, a weapon in the hands of those with power. Against those with none.

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