Natalie Bina Quotes

Natalie Bina Quotes

And then he leaned forward and my stomach collapsed, taking in that last breath. I closed my eyes and watched in awe as all the butterflies flew up into the sky, free, mingling with the exploding lights.

J Abrams was driving off into the big stupid vermilion sky, and even though the color had been my favorite, I was sure that from now on, every time I looked at it I would feel nothing but sadness.

This is your last day at Eastwood.”
“I know,” she said sadly.
“Are you going to miss it?”
“Of course!” Marisol turned to face me in shock. “What type of question is that?”
A bad one, I decided, and resolved to keep my mouth shut the rest of the day and just enjoy the bitter sweetness of it all.

The girl. Was that who I was? I was the girl just like they were the boys. Was that how we were going to address each other for the entirety of this year? How family-feeling.

It’s crazy to think that people can appreciate your presence in their lives not because of what you’ve accomplished or what they’ve gotten out of knowing you, but just because you’re present.

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