Nicole Bonomi Quotes

Nicole Bonomi Quotes

YOUR WORDS ARE SEEDS. You have the choice to speak life or death. Your words have a nucleus.

They can be magnificent co creations with angels, producing mind silk. Or, they can be the polymers of plastic sheets, suffocating the earth one square inch at a time.

The reality is, if you are happy in a world that lacks virtue you are truly succeeding, for virtue is beautiful and happy is the one who sees such.

For if you do not wish to be ‘just a number’ then do not measure yourself accordingly. Bank statements and scales are instruments employed by society that confine you to a limited summation of yourself – born is the human void.

Get better acquainted with yourself, and understand the burning ambitions that dwell within. Be brave enough to follow these. They're your dreams. Follow your dreams. They are your purpose - your purpose will fulfil you. Find it, pursue it, stop at nothing. A happier you makes a happier world.

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