Norbert Harms Quotes

Norbert Harms Quotes

You will never find your way, by keeping doors closed.

A Leader has no ego, but is followed by some, who become less, and less, and less.

Pursue Change, by starting to think different. Achieve Change, by doing things different!

If you want to listen, don't talk.
If you want to talk, listen first.

There's never a better time, to make a decision, than right now. And if you feel you'd better made another decision, then make that decision now, and if you can't decide, just make a decision, because you can always make a new decision.

Apparently, there are many roads which lead to Rome, but there is sure just one road, which leads to success, and that is the road of courage. Depending on what attributes you take with you on that road,will determine, however, the time it will take you to reach success.

It always starts with people's disbelieve in other, because of their own shortage in visualising.
When success had followed the one with the vision about, envy will haunt the people, without.

Integrity is an integer, and nothing less.

Many people listen, but never hear, some hear only what they want to hear. A few people but listen, because they want to hear, and then they understand, they needeed to listen.

The power of giving, is greater than the joy of receiving

A wise man accepts defeat, a fool accepts to defeat

Liberty does not hold back on ignorance, nor will arrogance insinuate equal

it doesn't matter, if you're on a dirt road, just follow it, you'll hit some asphalt again

There is nothing in your life, worth enough, not doing it.

Humanity doesn't need to be understood, if you can practice it

Righteous moves,
Invigorating spirits,
Sharing believes, and
Empowering, just one
let's you RISE, above all.

A friend is always good to have, but difficult to be.

if you don't know what to do, do something, and if you know, don't do something.

Love does not request, love provides

Life is colorful, but B&W is just as beautiful

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