Paolo Giordano Quotes

Paolo Giordano Quotes

Choices are made in brief seconds and paid for in the time that remains.

The love of those we don't love in return settles on the surface and from there quickly evaporates.

She hadn't chosen him over all the others. The truth was that she hadn't even thought about anyone else.

They lived the slow and invisible interpenetration of their universes, like two stars gravitating around a common axis, in ever tighter orbits, whose clear destiny is to coalesce at some point in space and time.

In fact, they didn't talk much at all, but they spent time together, each in his own abyss, held safe and tight by the other's silence.

She was tired, with that tiredness that only emptiness brings.

His scars were hidden and safe in her hand.

With a little effort, she could get up by herself.

She found herself thinking of how it would feel to be safely trapped in his arms, with no more possibility to choose.

He opened his mouth to reply that feeling special is the worst kind of cage that a person can build for himself, but he didn't say anything.

Mattia's voice no longer stirred anything in his stomach, but he was aware of the idea of him and always would be, as the only true benchmark for everything that had come afterward.

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