Paul Bamikole Quotes

Paul Bamikole Quotes

A woman is always beutiful to the one who has fallen in love with her, nothing can dampen her image before his eyes.

Without a little chaos life will be dull, unbeautiful, for we have been trained not to align with simplicity for too long.

A man should never be judged by his skill, talent, colour, financial or political status, facial beauty and level of education but by the quality of his character.

When you continue in anger, you throw away the keys to the door of your heart; others can't come in and you can't get out.

There are things that the heart thinks of that only the body understands; that is why i dance.

Dancing is to music what a beloved wife is to her husband. Both of them are so in love, you can't separate them.

We all need our heroes, not just in time of chaos but also in the time of peace.

How can a man understand and appreciate the time of peace when he has never been in the trenches of life.

Some of us will be long forgotten before we are even dead. Most will never be remembered at all, not even by family.

It seems the only way we can avoid being the victims of change is to reconcile with the inevitable. We must never stand on the rail tracks of positive change.

If you are humble you will never have to struggle against positive change.

You can not be lazy and expect everyone to like you. That will be injustice.

How can you expect people never to hurt you? That is not possible, not even in disney land.

Democrasy comes into grave danger when truth is no longer spoken to power.

We injure ourselves by wishing; continous inaction cripples the soul.

People whose dancing have brought joy to our hearts are born once in a century. We had MJ.

Good dancers awaken the joy in our hearts, we have seen them ablaze on stage, videos, on our streets, in the theaters, in our homes, schools and they have successfully ignited the love of dancing in our soul. At least, this is the major reason why dancers are born and made.

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