Paula Heller Garland Quotes

Paula Heller Garland Quotes

I may not always like at times, but life is a beautiful blend of joy, tragedy and dreams. If not for one, I could not have the other.

When we see others cry it is difficult, not because of feeling their pain, but your own.

Hurting the person who hurt you won't heal your pain. Let them go. Karma will deal with them you don't have to write the script for the universe.

One of the most important lessons I've recently learned? I have to move forward without that apology. Waiting on it has bound me to an anchor that is pulling me under. What would make the other person apologize for hurting me when they're far too selfish to notice they have?

I'm amazed how my soul is served the messages I need to be fed at exactly the time I'm in need. When I'm open.

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