Peprah Boasiako Quotes

Peprah Boasiako Quotes

Placing his suitcase on the seat next to him, he unbuttoned his suit jacket, loosened up his necktie and removed his fedora. He kept his custom eye wear on and made himself comfortable, looking more like a Wall Street accountant than the cold killer he'd become...

Without struggles, success would be meaningless.

One day I wish to die, but today, I wish to live.

Only a fool is always right.

Before comparing yourself or your life to others, take a good look at your fingers.

I'd rather be an outcast than to be inside feeling like an outsider.

If I have to question a friendship, then it wasn't a friendship to begin with.

The same current that drifts your boat may sink mine. No two persons walking this earth are the same, not even twins. Keep this in mind when dealing with others.

People today are quick to bite the hand that fed them yesterday, turn around and cry hungry tomorrow.

As he drove away from his handiwork, knowing he'd left no survivors, the killer looked at the rising smoke and gave himself a pat on the back for another assignment well done...

In the vast world of supreme worriorship, courage is what separates one from the crowd.

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