Prabhukrishna M Quotes

Prabhukrishna M Quotes

A woman keeps her kitchen like her heart: Well stocked and labelled and
shelved, with lots of air and light, spick and span and filled with love

If I were born a woman, my clothes would be for any man with rough hands
to tear down and my body to be made love to by any heart lost enough to

Governance is different from Politics as is love-making and getting laid

The most beautiful of human things are born in the shadows and thrive there and are endangered by light

The forces of desire that sway man's mind are the forces that will eventually destroy him, while a singular love that roots his heart makes him invincible

The ones who take human circumstances too personally will eventually be left outside mercy

There are only two classes of people. "The Clear", powered by their confusion and "The Confused", powered by their clarity

Passion warms up the soup of love cold in the vessel of the soul

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