Raaz Ojha Quotes

Raaz Ojha Quotes

Speak so polite with people that your ill wishers become your well wishers.

The first purpose of your life is to find the purpose of your life.

Thousands of reason are too less to make me sad but a single reason is enough to make me smile.

Don't just spend your life, live your life becoz life is really awesome.

It depends on you whether you want wrinkles or dimples on your face.

Happiness is an art and the one who knows this art lives happily even if they don't have anything.

If you hesitate to learn from others, you will never learn anything new.

My short love story gave me lots of memories but i never wanted memories, I wanted you.

Some people are just like snake, they will never understand your love.

Smile becoz problems were there in our life, they are in our life and they will be there in our life forever.

Most of us are too focused on our future that we forget to live our present.

Too much of anything is not good. But I love her too much.

Don't be among those who give up early and regret later.

I may not die for you, but I am sure I cannot live without u as well.

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