Rajendra Ojha Quotes

Rajendra Ojha Quotes

Words may change style may change but real path remains same.

Everything that Modern Physical Science is trying to prove have already been proven by Ancient Spiritual Science.

You are hard character of mine and I am soft character of yours. Practically saying you are like ice and I am like water. So how can Ice and water be different. If we understand their eternal characters we come to know that they are same i.e. H^2 0 (water) . Only the way of their uses are different but both have same goals.

Don’t believe with exterior reason on existence of god and don't be atheist with just exterior reason...

Wishes are greatest masters and good leaders of our life.

In absent of concentration, Meditation is impossible.

I am soul. You may wonder where I go after I leave this stage. Well, everybody who believe in the saying of religion and spiritual science do believe in other world. Other world like: Heaven ( Upper heaven , Middle heaven and Lower heaven) and Hell (Upper Hell , Middle Hell and Lower Hell) . Are these world present in other side of black hole? If black hole is like time machine it may be. Some theories do believe that if we succeed to travel through black hole we may reach to other universe or other world that are described in many spiritual sciences.... May be in future scientist may come with concrete scientific reason. But for now it is just another science friction and spiritual philosophy.

Person who is truly positive in nature suffers a lot but they can find way to jump out of it. In fact any kind of problem they face helps them to create new ideas, indirectly helping society to upgrade positively. But person who is positive only from outer personality always suffers more then person who is truly positive because they can’t find way out of problems for themselves and later for this society.

If we want to control terrorism; lets end those work of a society that forces people to be terrorist.

Every salute given to person after death is not for them; its just for the sake of humanity.

Sometime excess pain that we experience may be best reason for birth of our talent and sometime our excess talent may be best reason for our pain. Think about it.

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