Réné Gaudette Quotes

Réné Gaudette Quotes

How to live spiritually:
- Love and appreciate yourself
- Be honest with yourself
- Express yourself truthfully
- Know you are abundance
- Remember to use humor
- Don’t forget to choose

If you really want to change society, encourage self appreciation.

Every thought is a creative energy that moves the universe to action.

We assure you there is no separateness between you and God/Goddess/The All That Is other than your perception.

In relationships, you cannot give to another that which they need, you can only share who you are.

That which you fear the most, you attract easiest.

Choice is the basis of every part of your existence, but so is fear. The difference is, choice creates movement, where fear limits movement.

Fear is very simple – it is the absence of love.

Playfulness, dear friends, is what manifests love. Love is not manifested through serious survivability, seriousness, stabilility. Love, the essence of love, manifests itself through playfulness.

Joy is not something you look for, it is simply something you have to choose to apply.

Learn to say no, know when to say yes, and use the words ‘I choose.’ It is the key that will open you to limitless manifestation of your beingness.

Stop trying to explore what is different about yourselves and explore the commonality you have instead.

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