Rhonda Byrne Quotes

Rhonda Byrne Quotes

There is both joy and suffering on planet Earth because this beautiful world is a world of duality - a world of opposites. There is an opposite side to everything.

Life doesn't just happen to you; you
receive everything in your life based on what you've given.

Start telling the story of your amazing life, and the law of attraction must make sure you receive it!

we attract what is happening in our lives

You are human, you will make mistakes, and it’s one of the most beautiful things about being human, but you must learn from your mistakes, otherwise your life will have a lot of unnecessary pain.

The only reason any person does not have enough money is because they are blocking money from coming to them with their thoughts.

Every single day, no matter who you meet in the day - friends, family, work colleagues, strangers - give joy to them. Give a smile or a compliment or kind words or kind actions, but give joy! Do your best to make sure that every single person you meet has a better day because they saw you.

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