Robert Walser Quotes

Robert Walser Quotes

How small life is here
and how big nothingness.
The sky, tired of light,
has given everything to the snow.

The two trees bow
their heads to each other.
Clouds cross the world’s
silence in a circle dance

That is all very senseless, but this senselessness has a pretty mouth, and it smiles.

God goes with thoughtless people.

Perhaps there were a few repetitions here and there. But I would like to confess that I consider nature and human life to be a lovely and charming flow of fleeting repetitions, and I would like further to confess that I regard this phenomenon as a beauty and a blessing.

I feel how little it concerns me, everything that’s called "the world," and how grand and exciting what I privately call the world is to me.

I'd like to die listening to a piece of music. I imagine this as so easy, so natural, but naturally it's quite impossible. Notes stab too softly. The wounds they leave behind may smart, but they don't fester. Melancholy and pain trickle out instead of blood. When the notes cease, all is peaceful within me again.

The soul of the world had opened and I fantasized that everything wicked, distressing and painful was on the point of vanishing...all notion of the future paled and the past dissolved. In the glowing present, I myself glowed.

¿Seria correcto decir que el viento caminaba? No era una figura ni tenia piernas. Yo no lo veia, sólo lo percibia gracias a la sensación, es decir lo notaba y lo dejaba actuar sobre mi. El se alejaba para soplar de nuevo.

I don't want a future, I want a present. To me this appears of greater value. You have a future only when you have no present, and when you have a present, you forget to even think about the future.

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