Sandra Chami Kassis Quotes

Sandra Chami Kassis Quotes

Reality Sucks, I want my dreams back.. Sandra Chami Kassis
Reality Sucks, I want my dreams back.

People talk a lot but they rarely say anything.

I Take Life Very Seriously: One Joke At A Time.

People often speak of hell, not wanting to go there, avoiding it..etc. I never had that problem because hell is a state of mind. Look around you; rape, murder, wars, hatred, friend; you're already there!!

Dont brag about being perfect..imperfections are what makes you attractive..

In the dark , everything is scary

You never understand life until it grows inside of you.

We shall live to die once more.

Lebanon: the country where everyone wants a piece while we want peace.

What if the actual sin was that despite the fact of knowing how cruel and unfair this world is; we still bring children to life?

Yes it's true, you wake the child inside of you up because you're a Mom!

The amount of money you owe doesn't matter; as long as you use it for good

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