Serena Jade Quotes

Serena Jade Quotes

To be religious is to have an obligation to a particular religion, but to be truly spiritual is to have a commitment to your soul."-Serena Jade

When we die...we fall asleep, and are immersed in a dream state.However,when we are born, the ideal is to come out of the dream state and into full-waking consciousness."-Serena Jade

A solid foundation for us makes a great partner for someone else."-Serena Jade

Opposites are attracted at first because we want the other person to complete us. But, no one can complete us because it is our job to make our personality/ego whole."- Author Serena Jade

The soul cannot be perceived by the five senses.The soul speaks to us through our intuitive mind."-Serena Jade

Soul Mates mirror our Divine nature."-Serena Jade

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