Shahla Khan Quotes

Shahla Khan Quotes

Be an active bystander because sooner or later you or someone you love could be a victim too.

I find it easier to claim that I am friends with a monkey rather than with a man.

Friendship is the underlying element, the common denominator of every relationship.

While there will always be someone who may dislike you, there are others who will like you for who you are.

Maslow did not make two different pyramids, one for men and one for women. He did not differentiate in identifying what men want and what women want.

When you are born as a man, you live as a man. When you born as a woman however, you have two choices; to live like a slave, or as a woman. I love the fact that I was born as a woman because I got to make my choices. Who did you chose to be?

Make sure your fun is not mocking someone’s pain and your enjoyment is not another’s suffering. The melody of your ears must not be the cries of a powerless.

Humanity is higher than religion, so says my religion.

Men are not from Mars and women are not from Venus instead we are all people. Deal with it.

Convincing someone to have sex is the same as manipulation and does not actually count as getting consent.

When I write fiction, I struggle to decide the fate of two people created by my mind and spend countless hours to give them a happy ending. God, the Almighty has created infinite human beings till date and runs all our lives with such ease. He is the BEST WRITER of all.

Hooking up with people who do not care about your happiness or you; is a serious and big decision. If you do decide to hook up, you must have a good reason for it just as you would to have a relationship.

Behind every successful man is a woman but few of us realize that behind most successful women is a man too; her father.

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