Sham Hinduja Quotes

Sham Hinduja Quotes

To start a happy conversation with anybody in this world Is to be happy yourself first and secondly be a humble human being.
Only then can you make others Happy.

It is better to live in Hope,
Than to live in Despair !
Think Positive and face Life's challenges !

Look up at the Stars in the Sky !
Be hardworking to achieve your Goals.
Never look back or down,
Always Look Up,
Never give up hard work !
Believe in Yourself
And Success is YOURS !

Every effort brings me closer to my goal.
Never give up, keep Trying
And Success will be yours !

There will never be Perfect Conditions.
Start with whatever resources you have,
Put all your Efforts and Succeed !

The mind is a very good slave,
but am extremely bad Master

If we talk Lies, we have to tell another set of lies to cover the first lie!
And most of the time we forget what we told the first time !
If we tell the truth, we don't have to remember anything.

Be KIND Always,
Because everyone you meet
Is fighting some problem or the other of their own !
And your Humbleness and Kindness will be Appreciated !

I have learnt to solve problems on my own
Most don't care and
Majority are glad I have them.

Friends don't understand how much they have hurt you,
Until they experience the pain and hurt themselves.

In Successful Marriages,
Friendship is more Important !

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