Shashank Rayal Quotes

Shashank Rayal Quotes

Beautiful face doesn't makes your heart beautiful,
But a beautiful heart always projects you as a beautiful person.

When we are in curse,
Others always seems in better.

I do not want peoples to miss me, They just remember me; is more than enough.

Follow your Dreams
Instead of following others.

Tears of my Hard Work,
are enough to fill the Ocean of my Dreams.

I am waiting for that Morning,
When Me and My Dream, both will be Together.

I am not doing anything special,
Just struggling with my Present to make my Future enjoyable.

Life is strictly coded with happiness & sorrow
We can't make it work properly without one

If you want to be in my life forever, be my Friend. Else you can be my Lover.

When you are Happy with Someone,
You never cares about those, who are Unhappy without you.

No one here to count your Qualities, but everyone is good enough to point out your Mistakes.

Your Thinking writes your Future &
Your Action makes it.

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