Shepherd Hoodwin Quotes

Shepherd Hoodwin Quotes

Since we have free will, we create our own reality and virtually everything is negotiable.

With any spiritual teaching, we are working with rounded-off truths, because we cannot work directly with the whole truth - it’s too big.

An infinite soul incarnates in order to catalyze massive spiritual change in a civilization, generally during a shift from one average soul age to another. An incarnation of a transcendental soul usually precedes it in order to catalyze massive social change.

To know someone, we must experience him, and that knowing will not exceed our self-knowledge - we cannot know someone else to a greater depth than we know ourselves.

Our consciousness on the physical plane is relatively crude. We view choice making in terms of language, but like time, language is a construct of the physical plane. Nonetheless, on some level and in some way that may be incomprehensible to us now, we chose all the components of who we are - they are not imposed upon it.

All true teachings expand awareness, not limit it.

Jesus incarnated when our Western civilization was changing from being predominantly baby soul to predominantly young. We are now in a similar transition, from young to mature.

Although we experience our nonphysical levels of self as potential, they are also functional in our lives. An acorn is a potential oak tree, but the oak tree could be seen as the essence of the acorn, guiding its development into the oak tree.

Still, we always have some level of choice, even if it only how we react and make use of what life brings us.

Obviously the choices of other people affect our lives, but we are the primary creators of our experience.

Truth is infinite and is therefore vast enough to hold an infinite number of facets. It has been said that the measure of an idea’s greatness is the degree to which its opposite is also true. For example, love is gentle; love is also strong.

A significant number of people diagnosed with mental illness have psychic abilities not yet under control. They may have true mental illness as well, including faulty neurological wiring and chemical imbalance. However, some people have mental breaks because of psychic abilities they don’t know how to handle.

There are such things as delusions, but not every unlikely vision that the mentally ill have is imaginary.

As we move into unprecedented changes in our world, new and better tools are needed for meeting the challenges. The Michael teachings are one such tool.

Through channeling, we can make conscious contact with higher planes. We can also communicate with beings who are physical but nonhumans, such as devas (nature spirits), dolphins and whales, and extraterrestrials.

One of the most confusing issues in channeling is that of accuracy.

No one on any plane of existence is infallible or knows everything we need to know.

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