Sipporah Joseph Quotes

Sipporah Joseph Quotes

Light has a voice?” Sarucha inquired, amazed.

Grandpa Sereno: "There is nothing as dangerous as fear, fear of people who are different than you.
Fear is the REAL danger and we must start to put all our efforts into fighting THAT instead of each other. Fight fear not people!!!
Let there be light!

Sarucha (age 8): "Look, down there, I recognize it, ciudad de Jerusalén (the city of Jerusalem)! Jerusalén!, Jerusalén!" she exclaimed.

Shimmel: “NEVER TRUST THE GOYIM. They are just like these other weird dangerous people, Messianic Jews! How dare Jews become “Christian-like”, Messianic? We should cherem (ban) them from every aspect of Jewish life. And we must strip them of every Jewish privilege!

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