Sofia Ann Quotes

Sofia Ann Quotes

If a man talks like a woman, what is there to believe about this man? I'd rather listen to the woman who thinks and talks like a man.

Marriage is just another chapter of life, from being single to being with someone bound forever. Just that people have shabby characters that are easily shaken by outside forces. And they blame each other instead of accepting each other's faults.

We always have a chance to ask, a chance to know, and a chance to change. If these chances are not used properly or merely ignored,then you won't have a second chance.

FRIENDSHIP is more colorful than these bands. it's the second best thing after your family. Its colors are more vibrant and brighter when a friend is there at a time you needed them the most, when they listen to your heartaches and when they ruin your kitchen and eat with you. When piggy banks are opened and shared with you. Ah! countless ways.

Love your children, and most especially the woman who gave birth to them.

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