Stasia Ward Kehoe Quotes

Stasia Ward Kehoe Quotes

It is strange to hear my words
Read back to me.

I don't think I wrote them
To have them ever leave the page.

I think I only write
What happens across my brain
When my feet are too weary
To dance anymore.

Do I dare ask him for what I want,
As if I knew it,
Could find it on some page
In some chapter
In some book?

Life is a big story. Music is just one way to tell it, to realize how many tales all kinds of people share.

The dusty library air is electric with secrets/ almost palpable in the thick quiet that bounces between/ Cal and those books and me

Dare I tell them that since I came here to dance
I have been giving pieces of my body away
To ridiculous diets,
To repeated injuries,
To Remington?

And that maybe
I think
With each bit of my body

I lose a little piece of my soul

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